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(COINERR) Financial Services Ltd. signs a Shariah Supervision and Audit contract with the Halal Crypto Office.

The Office of Crypto Halal for the supervision and Shari’a audit of the work of cryptocurrency markets, and the Turkish company (COINERR) for Financial Services Ltd., announced the signing of a contract for the supervision and Shari’a audit of the coin project (COINERR) issued by the company. The contract, which was published on the official pages of the Crypto Halal office and COINERR, included all the provisions governing the Sharia control and audit process, while the COINERR team pledged to abide by all the recommendations issued by the Sharia control and audit work, and to provide the Crypto Halal office with all the necessary permits. and documents and documents to complete his tasks. The contract was signed by COINERR, its representative, Mr. Adel Jihan, and by Dr. Muhammad Yousef Abu Jazar, Crypto Halal office.

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