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British Blokbot Signs Sharia Supervision and Audit Contract with Halal Crypto Office.

The Office of Crypto Halal for the supervision and legal auditing of the work of the cryptocurrency markets, signed a contract of supervision and legal auditing, with the British company BLOK TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, based in London, Wigmore Street, which is specialized in programming and managing trading algorithms (bots). Under this contract, the Crypto Halal office will conduct a forensic examination of all products of the company’s Blokbot project, and the examination will include the trading strategies of each of the Blokbot’s algorithms as well as the currencies that the algorithms target in their work. The Blokbot Bot project has contractually pledged to correct any legitimate errors or irregularities in the strategies of its algorithms, and to remove any currency that violates the Sharia standards. The contract also included the office carrying out Sharia audit work, which will remain inherent to the project throughout its work period, to ensure the integrity of the implementation of Sharia control standards, provided that a quarterly report is issued regarding Sharia audit work related to the project and published to the public. The contract was signed by Dr. Mohamed Youssef Abu Jazar, on behalf of the Halal Crypto Office, and on behalf of BLOK TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, by Mr. Abdel Aziz Al-Youssef.

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