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The Turkish company AMINA IUNKINA and the Crypto Halal office sign a cooperation agreement.

The Office of Crypto Halal for the supervision and legal audit of the work of cryptocurrency markets, and the Turkish company AMINA IUNKINA for training and development, signed a cooperation agreement in the field of multilingual publishing. The cooperation agreement stipulates that the Turkish company AMINA IUNKINA will translate the content of the crypto-halal channel on the Telegram for publishing the provisions of cryptocurrencies into seven languages ​​and publish them through the Telegram channel for each language bearing the name of crypto-halal, and the languages ​​are: Russian. Kazakh. Kyrgyz. Uzbek. Tajik. Chechen. Ukrainian. The agreement was signed by AMINA IUNKINA, its representative, Mr. Ganyev Mikael Ben Bafel, and by the office of Crypto Halal, Dr. Muhammad Yusuf Abu Jazar.

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